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Reaching Our Kinsmen

Touching All Nations

奔向骨肉之親 & 走遍人居之地

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Go and Make Disciples

of All Nations

你們要去使萬民作我的門徒, 給他們施洗

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Baptizing them in the name of the Father,


The Son and the Holy Spirit

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Mobilizing and Partnering; Building A World Vision

教育 徵召 訓練 差派


 Our Updates  機構動態

We are a Chinese mission organization committed to mobilizing God’s people for the Great Commission. Check out our updates below. 我們的使 命是藉著與普世華人教會的配搭,差派宣教士向普世華民、萬民還福音的債。請查看我們的動態:

Support 感謝支持

Check out our needs and ways to support 查看捐贈需要和方式